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"I Got A Bite!"

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BECKER'S B&B - Sibley Lake

Erik's first fish in Dick's ice house.

"Here's how you set the hook, Dick!"

"Erik, this little one must be yours!"

Transportation at it's best!

Hey Dick - Next I'm fishing too! Jillian


What a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family! This site is our way to share the experience with everyone. We'll include days on the Mississippi River and some of Minnesota's finest lakes year round along with our best memories, some good laughs and favorite pictures.

Our latest trip was during the first weekend in January where we ventured to Pequot Lakes, MN for some ice fishing. With Erik at my side, and Dick as our confident guide,  we had a "panfishing" bonanza - filling our bucket with a dinner or two of sunfish and crappie. Dick has been family to me since I was barely a teenager at which time his son, Brian, and I became great friends. The Becker family, including uncles, siblings and grandparents are a family who have always given me a sense of belonging - of course only after I knew where the cookie jar and snack drawers were! I will always be thankful for their friendships. It is a real treasure to be able to share these moments and friendships with my son and to share the stories of growing up as a young boy around the Becker family.

The first January weekend in Minnesota....Brrrr? Not at all! Sibley Lake welcomed us with temperatures in the upper 30's. We were able to enjoy the luxury of fishing on the ice- minus gloves and hats for a couple hours. Erik and I had a terrific time, and as a typical nine-year-old, Erik enjoyed the 4-wheeler rides to and from the lake as much as he probably enjoyed fishing. We also learned how to scale fish "production style" with a bucket and a drill....quite amazing that this contraption even works. While I'm one that loves gadgets, had I have seen this on a shelf in a sporting goods store, I would have immediately discounted as a big gimmick.  But now, thanks to Dick and Bob, I'm on the hunt for my own buck'o'scaler and will soon be converting others to this time saving, family friendly, spoon saving scaling method. Laugh now, but I'll bet that once you see it in action, you'll either be calling me to borrow it or you'll be buying your own!

Thanks for visiting...Hey, I got a bite!

Erik - this is the greatest time...thanks Dick!

We're saving all the fish for you!

"Bob the Game Warden"!

Play hard, work hard!

"Many people refer to this as a Bluegill, we refer to it as Lepomis Macrochirus"

Our catch of for the day

Do you have a favorite fishing story you'd like to share? If so send your story, along with any pictures, to and I'll be sure to post it to our site.